Election 2011 - Digital Rights & Freedoms


A summary of the Digital Rights & Freedoms each party is proposing.

Category Conservatives Liberals NDP Green

Internet Usage Based Billing - Transfer Caps - A way for Bell and Rogers to destroy the competition
Oppose UBB Oppose UBB Oppose UBB Oppose UBB

Fair Use on Digital Media - Make copies of purchased music and videos for personal use only
Abolish Fair Use on Digital Media
  • Illegal to unlock your cell phone
  • Illegal to transfer your DVDs to devices like iPADs / Android tablets
  • Illegal to backup your DVDs
  • Illegal to convert your CDs into MP3s
  • Illegal to record Digital TV
  • Give big business a shelter from criticism in the Digital Domain
Support Fair Use on Digital Media Support Fair Use on Digital Media Support Fair Use on Digital Media

Net Neutrality - ISPs can't block the competition - Bell & Roger's can't block Netflix
Non-committal Support Support Support

Net Throttling - slowing peer-to-peer connections
Unknown Oppose throttling Oppose throttling Unknown

Open Government data
Unknown Support Support Strongly Support

Internet Surveillance - Big Brother is watching you!
Support warrentless wiretapping
Implication - Government will...
  • have access to your web browsing history.
  • know who you have sent and received emails from.
  • know who you have engaged in peer-to-peer connections with.
Unknown Unknown Oppose warrentless wiretapping

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Author : DrWho
April 26, 2011